P.V.C strip curtain can be fit in all most any door way, machine protection, cold storage the list is endless. Are some of the benefits: No limits in height or width of doors Excellent Transparency little friction Cold resistant qualities lasting protection against draught sound and noise absorbing.

  1. Cost Effective
  2. East To Repair
  3. Excellent Visibility
  4. Reduce Air & Heat Loss
  5. Isolates Noisy Machinery
  6. Restricts Movement of Airbourne Pollutants

PVC Strip Doors offer the most economical solutions to reducing draughts, keeping heat loss to a minimum and providing a barrier against noise. The strip curtain allows visible access for vehicles and pedestrians and can be used for both internal and external applications.

All our products are extruded with rounded edges and are manufactured from self-extinguishing flexible PVC, which will not support combustion.

PVC strips are always in stock.

For refrigeration purposes we offer our Super Cold PVC Strip which will remain unaffected in temperatures as low as -45 degrees.

Our perforated PVC strip offers the same protection from airborne pests as standard PVC strip whilst retaining maximum ventilation and visibility. Clear polar grade PVC plastic strip is ideal for cold stores, refrigerated vehicles and freezer rooms; suitable for temperatures of +25C to -40C.

Standard PVC roll lengths: 50M
Inner Core: 200mm

pvc strip curtain